What I really enjoy is the fast-paced, can-do attitude that everyone has. We just get things done.

Chris Holcombe, Head of Global Ecommerce

Working here


Digital and communications

The way we engage with our customers is continuously evolving. While our catalogue still plays an important role in our sales, our website is rapidly growing in popularity and reputation. It’s already recognised as one of the UK’s top 50 retail websites and boasts a Net Promoter Score of 65. All of which shows that we are already doing something right. But we’re always looking at ways that we can better support our customers. Making their digital interaction with Nisbets as rich as their in-store or telephone-based experience. This is why our digital strategy is one of our key global business priorities.

While our digital team is based in the UK they have a truly global focus, supporting our growth across mainland Europe and further developing our foothold in Australia and New Zealand. Our team is naturally agile, innovating and helping shape the future of Nisbets. With a clear goal to make our customers lives easier, support their businesses and help them do great things. We’re encouraging a culture and working environment where the open-minded, curious and, dare we say it, change-makers can thrive. The digital space is continuously evolving and we need to evolve with it.


Our digital and communications teams

Global Ecommerce

Digital is at the forefront of our global drive to continually improve our customers’ experience. Our E-commerce team is at the heart of this, focusing on trading and usability and covering everything from SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Affiliates and Marketplaces through to new site features and functionality.

To achieve this, we look for specialists in areas such as web development, UX, analytics, design, content, media, merchandising and trading.

Global Ecommerce

Customer Experience, Brand and Marketing

Our marketing team covers everything to do with Nisbets’ brand and our customers. We use data and insight to understand customers, give them an excellent experience, and create communication programmes that grow sales and relationships.

We look for people with experience in areas like data and insight, design and artwork, managing customer propositions, focusing on customer experience and general project management.

Customer Experience, Brand and Marketing
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Digital transformation

Now is an exciting time to join Nisbets. Our digital offering is already incredibly strong with over 30% of sales coming through our digital channels. But we have ambitious plans to more than double this. Plans that have the full support of the business and have seen significant investment in our systems, processes and people. Plans that extend our focus beyond the UK into Europe and the rest of the World.

Sitting at the heart of this is our new Digital Hub in Avonmouth. A space designed to encourage collaborative working, bringing together our Global E-commerce, Customer Experience, Brand and Marketing teams. Allowing us to work together, united in our goal to deliver faster, slicker and better services to our customers. If you’re a digital and communications professional looking to work for a fast-paced, dynamic and continuously evolving business, then Nisbets could be just what you’re looking for.

My career story

Chris Holcombe, Head of Global Ecommerce

I was fresh from university and in the process of completing my Marketing post graduate diploma when I joined Nisbets. After a short stint in Sales, I arrived as an Assistant in the Marketing team where my first job was pricing the catalogue directly with Andrew Nisbet himself! My career progression within Nisbets has certainly kept things interesting. But what I really enjoy is the fast-paced, can-do attitude that everyone has. It means that we can just get things done without excessive red tape or office politics. We are all working towards an ambitious but achievable goal - £1 billion of sales through our digital channels. It’s a daunting but exciting challenge. But with the support that we have from the business, best-in-class partners and some amazing internal talent I have little doubt that we’ll smash it.

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My career story

Augustine Dillard, PPC Executive

Following studies in translation, I gained a degree in travel management in my native France. During several internships throughout this degree, I got to grips with digital marketing including website management, content and social media. I then spent a couple of years working and travelling in Australia and New Zealand before settling in the UK. I worked for over two years in sales at Marriott Hotels before joining a digital agency specialised in hotels. I got better insights into the impact of digital activity and decided to specialise in paid advertising and brought my PPC skills to our in-house marketing team. Our European expansion means I am using my language skills on a regular basis, and our global expansion means that there are always new challenges that keep things interesting.

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Marketing Assistant, Nisbets

Pricing the Nisbets catalogue directly with Andrew Nisbet.


Database Manager, Nisbets

Responsible for database mailing selection, segmentation, reporting and list acquisition.


Group Marketing Manager, Nisbets

Overseeing all group marketing activity.


Head of Global Ecommerce, Nisbets

Managing and growing the team from 5 to 50 leading to year-on-year double digit sales growth.


Global Head of Digital Acquisition and Product, Nisbets

Essentially responsible for our digital trading and development roadmap.


Sales Executive, Marriott Hotels UK

Selling conference space and bedrooms in 57 UK hotels.


Sales Manager, Marriott Hotels UK

Selling conference space and bedrooms in 57 UK hotels.


Account Executive, Wired Media

Managing accounts, websites, email, social and PPC campaigns.


PPC Executive, Nisbets

Managing paid media campaigns across search and shopping.

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