What I really enjoy is the fast-paced, can-do attitude that everyone has. We just get things done.

Chris Holcombe, Head of Global Ecommerce

Working here - Digital & Communications

Engaging customers on all platforms

Our business has transformed in the last 18 months and we are now a digitally led organisation as we see 53% growth ytd in sales through our online channels and we expect this to be 65% by 2025.

Our three-year strategy maps out a detailed and clear plan on how to give our customers a great experience in their exchanges with us via our digital channels. That’s why we’re always looking at ways to improve. Giving customers a digital experience to match the ones they get in-store or from our contact centre. And it’s why we’re investing in our digital strategy. To make sure Nisbets is always growing. Innovating. And delivering for our customers.

Our digital and communications teams

Global Ecommerce

Giving our global customers a great experience. That’s what digital is all about at Nisbets. And Global Ecommerce is right at the heart of it, focusing on trading and usability. That means improving SEO, PPC and Email Marketing. Looking at Affiliates and Marketplaces. And developing new site features and functionality.

We’re a diverse team of specialists. In everything from web development to UX. Analytics and design to content. Media to merchandising and trading. All working together to meet our customers’ needs.

Global Ecommerce

Customer Experience, Brand and Marketing

We build great customer relationships to understand their needs, desires, ambitions. To give them fantastic experiences. And to grow sales. All while strengthening the Nisbets brand. Everything we do is driven by data and insight. So, we look for people with experience in these areas.

But we also need people who can manage customer propositions. Great project managers with a focus on customer experience. As well as designers and artworkers. Because that’s how we’ll continue to give our customers great experiences.

Customer Experience, Brand and Marketing

What you can expect

We’re a UK-based team, but our work is global. Supporting European growth. And strengthening Nisbets’ position in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s about making our customers’ lives easier. Supporting their businesses. And helping them do great things. Wherever they are. Join us and you’ll find we’re agile. Open to new ideas. With a culture that values your curiosity. Your innovation. Your ability to adapt to new and exciting digital technologies. And your ambition to help shape our future. You’ll also find plenty of flexible options. Which means we’re happy for you to work from home. Wherever you live in the UK.

Our digital strategy

Everything we do across all our digital platforms is driven by our customers. Understanding them. Giving them a more personal experience. So they find buying easier. And they can get what they need quicker. Whether it’s products or support.

That means doing more. Moving faster. Driving demand. And outperforming the competition. How? By improving paid and organised search. Creating better mobile experiences. And developing more online customer tools. All driven by data and insight. Most of all, by developing, inspiring and engaging a talented team of digital specialists. And ensuring they feel recognised, rewarded and well looked-after.

My career story

Chris Holcombe, Head of Global Ecommerce

I was fresh from university and in the process of completing my Marketing post graduate diploma when I joined Nisbets. After a short stint in Sales, I arrived as an Assistant in the Marketing team where my first job was pricing the catalogue directly with Andrew Nisbet himself! My career progression within Nisbets has certainly kept things interesting. But what I really enjoy is the fast-paced, can-do attitude that everyone has. It means that we can just get things done without excessive red tape or office politics.

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My career story

Augustine Dillard, PPC Executive

Following studies in translation, I gained a degree in travel management in my native France. During several internships throughout this degree, I got to grips with digital marketing including website management, content and social media. I then spent a couple of years working and travelling in Australia and New Zealand before settling in the UK. I worked for over two years in sales at Marriott Hotels before joining a digital agency specialised in hotels. I got better insights into the impact of digital activity and decided to specialise in paid advertising and brought my PPC skills to our in-house marketing team.

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